Music Is Central to a Great Party -
wejayDJ, Lets Your Music Be Heard!

wejayDJ is an app for collaborative playlist creation. Using the wejayDJ app, friends can add and vote on the music they rock out to!



Social Music Sharing

Finally, you can solve the problem of playing music to please a crowd of people with varied tastes. wejayDJ enters the scene with an app that allows for real-time, democratic music selection amongst friends. Gone are the days of jukeboxes, mix tapes and CD shufflers. Now everyone logged into a wejayDJ party can add music from anywhere, including their phone's music library and YouTube. Once songs are added, the group can vote songs up or down. Your friend can’t make the party? They can login from anywhere and hear the party mix.

The wejayDJ app allows for universal input from all participants. In the past if someone wanted to play a song they had to fight for a position on a singular iTunes library, compete for the auxiliary cord, or dump extra money into a jukebox for the right to “play next.” Even with bluetooth and wifi-enabled devices, there has never been a way to democratically upload and choose music wirelessly, until now! And with direct purchase through the iTunes store, adding your favorite party playlists to your personal music collection has never been easier. Just click the Buy Now feature while you’re listening.

The initial focus and functionality of the app is creating “party playlists”, inviting friends, playing the music, and chatting. Parties are the central place where music collaboration lives. The wejayDJ app is perfect for anyone who appreciates music and wants to share their tastes.


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Add songs from anywhere. Invite your friends. Tune in. Jam out. wejayDJ is the brand new way to party!